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work with me

I am available for one on one coaching for
those who want to reclaim their health.
am i the health coach for you?
  • You identify as fat, husky, thick, curvy, high BMI, overweight, or obese

    • And you do or or do not want to lose weight. 

  • You are using a weight loss medication or pursuing/recently pursued weight loss surgery. 

    • Or you are curious about weight loss techniques and want guidance in deciding which one -if any- is best for you​.

  • You have low self worth, overwhelming worries, or frequent sad thoughts because of your weight or appearance.

    • And you want to learn realistic tools to improve your mood and quality of life​.

  • You have been discriminated against because of your weight within a medical or personal setting.

    • And you would like to create a care team or social network that respects and supports you.​

if you are interested in psychological services to address mental health components of your health find me here where I provide outpatient mental health services as an LPC and psychologist resident under the supervision of Dawn Whitman, PsyD.
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